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Marble Kitchen Countertops/Worktops with Pros and Cons of 2020-21 in London, UK – Astrum Granite


As we know that it’s difficult to coordinate the great style of luxuriously veined marble countertops! They transform a standard kitchen or washroom into phenomenal, and when they’re joined with new cabinetry and other new stylistic themes, the change is astounding. While their fame does rise and tumble every now and then, marble kitchen countertops stay one of the great decisions where premium quality is wanted.

Michelangelo made a portion of his best figures, for example, David and Pietà out of marble, and marble Countertops carry that sort of astounding magnificence to your home. Notwithstanding, for all its intrigue, marble has its strength downsides for use in kitchen Countertops. We investigate every one of the upsides and downsides of marble Countertops beneath.

This marble worktops direct gives you complete data to inquire about these items for use in your home. You may likewise need to peruse our Granite kitchen worktops and quartz kitchen worktops guides for contrast marble and these other premia, well-known materials.

marble kitchen worktops

What You Should Know About Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble is a transformative stone containing a high convergence of calcite or dolomite. The word is gotten from Greek importance to shimmer or glimmer. There are numerous varieties of marble dependent on the minerals which give it shading and veining. The most famous for use in marble worktops include:

  • Carrara: White or blue-dark, from Italy
  • Connemara: Green, from Ireland
  • Creole: White or blue and dark, from Georgia, USA
  • Etowah: Pink, salmon or rose, from Georgia, USA
  • Murphy: White, from the USA
  • Parian: Very white, from Greece
  • Purbeck: Gray/darker, from the UK
  • Ruskeala: White, from Russia
  • Sienna: Yellow with different shading veins, from Italy
  • Swedish Green: Green, from Sweden
  • Vermont White: White, from Vermont, USA
  • Wunsiedel: White, from Germany
  • Makrana: White, from India

Marble changes in the size of the grains and the measure of veining, so stone quarried from various pieces of the world have an interesting appearance. Fine-grained marble will, in general, be increasingly reliable in shading. Heavier grains produce more variety in shading.


You have finish alternatives as well. Marble surfaces famous for counters are:

Honed or Matte: The marble is sanded to be smooth, and it has just about a delicate vibe. A matte completion quiets the shading to some degree while working admirably of concealing scratches

Polished: The surface is crushed and buffed to deliver a rich radiance that shines. A cleaned surface truly draws out the shading and veining, yet it is additionally the most vulnerable to demonstrating scratches.

Leather: This completion is favored on darker marble. It surfaces the completion to all the more likely shroud scratches and fingerprints while as yet offering some sparkle.

Which marble style you lean toward is only a question of individual inclination. Some portion of the enjoyment of looking for marble countertops is to locate the right “look” for the plan you have as a main priority for your restroom or kitchen countertops.


Marble Kitchen Countertops Pros and Cons

Like all materials, there are qualities and shortcomings of marble kitchen countertops. In return for more TLC than most materials require, you’ll get style and excellence appreciated by sovereignty and the rich the world over.

Marble Countertop Pros:

  • Each marble Countertops is stand-out
  • Magnificent excellence
  • A rich range of hues and veining
  • A few premiums complete that give you simply the look and feel you need
  • Fits well with most structure styles from exemplary to present day
  • Offers exceptional sturdiness when appropriately thought about
  • Great protection from heat
  • Builds up a light patina with the time that gives it a matured, old fashioned look (some may locate this a “con”)

Marble Countertop Cons:

  • Marble is permeable and will recolor except if appropriately fixed and honestly cleaned
  • Must be resealed as regularly as once every year
  • Scratches more effectively than rock, particularly in shiny completions
  • Can be chipped or split by overwhelming things
  • Will carve whenever presented to acidic materials, for example, tomato juice
  • More costly than most Countertops

On the off chance that you purchase marble Countertops, be set up for the upkeep they request. While not excessively oppressive to most property holders, it means you’ll need to determinedly and rapidly tidy up spills of oil, fluid cleanser, and acidic nourishments and fluids, for example, citrus natural product, juice, wine, and tomato items. On the off chance that you have children as yet figuring out how to tidy up after them, your activity will be somewhat harder.

The upside is that marble Countertops produce an eye-getting appeal any place introduced that is unparalleled.


Marble Countertop Prices

You know at this point marble is one of the pricier Countertops alternatives. It is straight-up there with rock, hardened steel, and custom glass Countertops, and truth be told, may cost more than every one of them when you get Countertops to cost gauges from nearby vendors.

There are a few factors that decide the last marble Countertops costs for any task:

The material evaluation: Choices may run from rebate and manufacturer’s evaluation through premium to planner, with each evaluation costing more

The aptitude level of the installer: DIY won’t cost you anything, on the off chance that you carry out the responsibility appropriately. From that point, your choices incorporate a jack of all trades, an authorized installer you contract and one gave by a planner, with the value going up for each

The unpredictability of the activity: Countertops with more points and creases or with a troublesome edge to create cost more than less complex plans

The marble kitchen countertops gauges you get will be founded on the factors you select in addition to the average cost for basic items in your general vicinity. These variables produce a wide scope of potential expenses. This is what you can anticipate:

Material: $50/square foot for rebate marble to $170/square foot for fashioner sourced material, with a few evaluations in the middle

Work: $0 for DIY establishment; $10/square foot for the unlicensed jack of all trades through $25/square foot for an authorized, safeguarded Countertops proficient

Supplies: $100 to $150 per every 50 square feet of Countertops material

In light of these reaches, you’re all out marble Countertops assessments will be around:

$52/square foot for a DIY venture with modest material to $200/square foot for best-quality marble introduced by a demonstrated proficient


Marble Countertops Cleaning, Care and Repair

Some portion of the cost of having ravishing marble Countertops s is the higher-than-normal consideration they require. At the point when you deal with them, your marble counters will furnish you with enduring delight for whatever length of time that you’re in your home.

Your marble counters ought to show up newly fixed from the industrial facility or the contractual worker should seal them as a component of the establishment. They’ll be resealed consistently, as regularly as once per year. Converse with the installer about the fundamental recurrence of resealing them.

Fixing marble Countertops s can be a DIY work when you utilize quality items from driving producers. Most element extraordinary usability and you’ll have “wet look” marble again in a couple of brief hours. Obviously, a Countertops expert can be employed to reseal marble as well.

Cleaning marble Countertops s is the day by day step in keeping them looking showroom new. Wipe up spills quickly with a perfect, sodden fabric. Utilize a cleaner defined for use on normal natural stone for best outcomes. It won’t contain cruel synthetic compounds that can harm the sealer or engraving the marble.

At the point when your marble Countertops s are looking blurred, cleaning them before resealing them will reestablish the brilliance. It’s simpler than you may suspect with the correct items. There are a few DIY marbles shines accessible that can be utilized with a controlled hand instrument, for example, a low-speed polisher. The entirety of the fixings is incorporated for the activity, and incredible outcomes are anything but difficult to accomplish.


Chipped marble is a probability, particularly when an overwhelming item falls onto the surface or edge. Likewise, with cleaning marble, there are a few marble chip fix units accessible that are DIY-accommodating. They contain similar materials and apparatuses the experts use alongside complete guidelines for marble chip fix an expert would be pleased with. Shading color is accessible to blend in with the chip fix epoxy to flawlessly coordinate your Countertops s.

Remember these tips for marble Countertops care in the years ahead:

  • Pour squeeze and wine at a table rather than over the counters
  • Put messy dishes and glasses into the sink or dishwasher as opposed to on the Countertops s
  • Wipe nourishment and refreshments off the Countertops s right away
  • Try not to put wet things onto the Countertops s
  • Utilize a cutting board instead of cutting on marble
  • Utilize hot cushions and trivets instead of putting hot things on the Countertops s
  • Utilize a cleaner figured for common stone

On the off chance that a stain creates, utilize a poultice-type recolor remover intended for use on marble

Picking marble is a long haul interest in the magnificence and your pleasure in your home, yet it requires a continuous duty to legitimate upkeep. While cleaning, fixing and fixing marble Countertops s appear overwhelming undertakings, they truly aren’t the point at which you pick the privilege DIY items for each progression. Actually, numerous property holders discover the fulfillment of doing these means themselves to be a piece of the delight of owning marble kitchen and restroom Countertops s.


Marble Countertops DIY Installation

DIY marble Countertops establishment is a reasonable alternative just for those with a fantastic experience. Much of the time, the work cost of the establishment while employing an expert is fewer than 10 percent of the all-out cost of the activity. Most property holders would prefer not to chance to harm the marble—and taking care of the expense of substitution—over the generally little cost of paying an expert to take the necessary steps. To locate the most minimal marble Countertops establishment costs in your general vicinity, make certain to get gauges from numerous certified temporary workers.

Is Marble Countertops Right for Your Home?

Your responses to these inquiries should assist you with choosing whether marble is the best decision for your structure or remodeling venture.

Is the greater expense of marble over material like cover or tile in your spending limit? While you may discover markdown marble accessible, we recommend you stay with higher evaluations to guarantee excellence and execution. You truly get what you pay for.

Do you intend to sell your home sooner rather than later? Marble turns out to be more financially savvy the more you’re in your home.

Is it true that you are focused on the higher support request as a byproduct of premium excellence? Not every person has the opportunity or vitality to keep marble spotless, fixed and cleaned.

Do you have children? Kids don’t generally have a similar degree of mindfulness as you do about after the tips to keeping marble perfect and liberated from stains.

Do you esteem eco-accommodating structure materials? Marble is a decent decision for green mortgage holders since it is a characteristic material that is quarried and cut without the utilization of synthetic substances unsafe to nature.

Source: Pros and Cons of Marble Kitchen Countertops/Worktops 2020-21 in London, UK – Astrum Granite

How to Renovate a Kitchen with Countertops 2020-21 Try The Best Kitchen Countertops for Renovations

The kitchen is the most important part of your life because this is the place where we satisfy our hunger, chat, relax and preparing food. As you can say that the kitchen for many households has become the best key social hub of our family’s daily life, the kitchen is where our family seems to live these beautiful days.’ So responsibilities that we do clean our kitchen by installing the countertops in the kitchen because it helps us to clean our kitchen. How? Countertops like Granite Countertops, Quartz Countertops, and Marble Countertops all these, materials can clean easily. And that’s why many customers install kitchen worktop their kitchens. We can thank the custom-made stone countertops; where you can renovate your kitchen surfaces as per your requirement like changing the corners of your kitchen etc. Kitchen countertops are becoming the most popular among customers. Why? Just because of their design, shapes, stylish worktop slab, etc. They attract the customers and agree to install worktops in their kitchen So, which of type countertops would you choose? Because today below we shared kitchen countertops list so that you can easily choose which would best for your kitchen renovations.

Different and Designing shades of Granite Worktops

List of Granite Countertops for Kitchen 

  1. Absolute Black
  2. Absolute Black Flamed
  3. Absolute Black Honed
  4. Agatha Black
  5. Ambar White
  6. Antique Brown Leather
  7. Arctic Cream
  8. Baltic Brown
  9. Belvedere
  10. Bianco Eclipse
  11. Black Forest
  12. Black Marinace
  13. Blue Pearl GT
  14. Colonial Ivory
  15. Copenhagen Gold
  16. Fusion Gold
  17. Giallo Veneziano
  18. Ivory Brown
  19. Ivory Brown Extra
  20. Stonewood


1. Absolute Black


2. Absolute Black Flamed


3. Absolute Black Honed


4. Agatha Black

Agatha Black

5. Ambar White

Ambar White

6. Antique Brown Leather

Antique Brown Leather

7. Arctic Cream

Arctic Cream

8. Baltic Brown

Baltic Brown

9. Belvedere


10. Bianco Eclipse

Bianco Eclipse

11. Black Forest

Black Forest

12. Black Marinace

Black Marinace

13. Blue Pearl GT

Blue Pearl Gt

14. Colonial Ivory

Colonial Ivory

15. Copenhagen Gold

Copenhagen Gold

16. Giallo Veneziano

Giallo Veneziano

17. Ivory Brown

Ivory Brown Granite

18. Ivory Brown Extra

Ivory Brown Extra Granite

19. Stonewood

Stonewood Granite

List of Quartz Countertops for Kitchen

  1. Almond
  2. Apollo
  3. Aqua
  4. Aura
  5. Black Mirror
  6. Red Starlight
  7. Snow
  8. Topazio
  9. White Galaxy


  1. Almond


 2. Apollo


3. Aqua


4. Aura


5. Black Mirror


6. Red Starlight


7. Snow


8. Topazio


9. White Galaxy


List of Marble Countertops for Kitchen

  1. Arabescato Corchia
  2. Arabescato Orobico
  3. Arabescato Vagli
  4. Statuarietto

1. Arabescato Corchia


2. Arabescato Orobico


3. Arabescato Vagli


4. Statuarietto


We hope that this article would help you to help the best Kitchen worktops material for your kitchen renovations. You can order these kitchen worktops at affordable prices in London, on Astrum Granite the Best kitchen worktops provider they would offer the best granite countertops, quartz countertops, and marble countertops. Avail Now on Kitchen Worktops and Call on (+44)203-290-8427 for Order the kitchen worktop slabs as per your requirements like design, shape, and qualities.

Source: How to Design a Kitchen with Countertops – Best Kitchen Countertops

Granite Worktops [2020-21] Best Granite Worktops in Different colors of Granite Slabs at Best Price


At Astrum Granite, we have offered even more different designs in our ever-growing range of Granite worktops. Our latest collections of 10 new granite worktops are durable as well as easy to maintain like cleaning of the Granite worktops, and their different designs and styles will complement a range of kitchen designs.

Granite Kitchen Worktops

Granite is a characteristic extravagance material that never drops out of the design and it’s reasonable for all kitchen formats. On the off chance that you need a one of a kind search for your kitchen, at that point Granite will assist you with accomplishing that.

With more than 10 different Granite worktops choices accessible, there will be the ideal strong surface for you. Utilize our astute six-stage Granite count framework, to get a cost in the entirety of our stone styles for your kitchen structure and necessities.

All our strong surfaces are expertly format before being produced, so the data you supply on the Granite adding machine isn’t complete. Be that as it may, if the data you supply is tremendously mistaken, additional charges may be applied.

After the layout procedure is finished, the Granite conveyance and establishment group will have returned to fit the stone worktops inside 5 to 7 working days. If you don’t mind note all statements done on the stone adding machine will incorporate the layout and establishment, as we feel this is basic to accomplish a shocking fit and finish to your kitchen.

So you’re ready to find Best Granite worktops to your kitchen with Massive Savings on our Kitchen Worktops Range.

Absolute Black Worktops

Absolute Black Worktops

Absolute Black Worktops can likewise be known as Zimbabwe Black. For those searching for a plain Black Granite worktop then Absolute Black is the ideal decision. It is imperative to arrange a superior evaluation of Black Granite as the quality varies. When selecting a Black stone worktop you should go to see the chunks before they are cut.

Black Granite is a characteristic material and can differ from section to chunk. It is an incredible decision against any light shaded or even wooden kitchen unit. The differentiation gives an exquisite look to a kitchen facilitated by its common sheen.

An Absolute Black Worktops surface offers a warm and exemplary style. In Western design, Black is viewed as sharp, rich and ground-breaking. It is no big surprise then that Black Granite is in such appeal. A Black Granite worktop is a superb decision for any kitchen; it includes an excellent difference as well as will pass on an in vogue and majestic climate. Esteemed for its immortal properties, general bid and staggering looks Black Granite will consistently be in style.

Your decision of kitchen worktops is the last touch to your new kitchen and the difference of Black worktops against contemporary units will make an astonishing impact. The black stone is well known for its sparkle and mirror-like appearance, settling on it a conspicuous decision for an ideal kitchen. It has every one of the characteristics of a run of the millstone, for example, low upkeep, hardwearing and solid, scratch, dampness, form, and warmth safe. It is likewise rich shading, adding uniqueness to your kitchen.

One of the primary reasons Black Granite worktops are so mainstream is on the grounds that they bid to each style and taste. Black Granite will coordinate any style of kitchen and looks dazzling with its shining reflection including a contact of style and class to any kitchen.

We supply just the most noteworthy evaluation of Black worktops. On the off chance that you are hoping to buy new Granite worktops, at that point Black stone ought to be an interesting point.

Agatha Black Worktops


Agatha Black Granite is a lovely newfound Granite from colorful Brazil. This striking stone loaded with character and enchant with its profound dark foundation and characterizing wave example of shiny white and dim needs to been found face to face to be completely valued. Regardless of whether utilized in an extravagance kitchen, business hall or a lodging anteroom of a selective inn it makes certain to establish a long term connection.

Agatha Black Granite highlights a dim dark foundation that accomplices delightfully with light dim and white wavy veins that include development and profundity. Both 2CM and 3CM cleaned pieces are accessible and appropriate for a wide scope of inside and outside structure ventures. Make sensational, intense, and delightful Granite ledges, kitchen islands, backsplashes, floors, and complement dividers any place a solid regular stone is liked.

Amba White Granite

Amba White Granite

Amba white granite is a white base stone. It has a white base with dark-colored spots and dim veins. The fluctuating size of gems and mica in Amba White gives it reality and profundity.

The impartiality of the various shades of white in this stone will complement practically any shading plan enabling you to refresh your look utilizing accent hues in the kitchen extras, blinds and so forth.

This stone has great composite quality and is particularly perfect for solid developments.

Amba White Granite is exceptionally solid and strong, impervious to climate changes. Recolor/scratch safe and take exceptionally sparkle clean finish. It is broadly utilized for different inside and outside applications, for example, Flooring, Paving, and Wall Cladding, Countertops, Backsplash and so forth.

Amba White Indian Granite is accessible in Flamed, Polished, Honed, Brushed and Antique completions.

Black Marinace Worktops

Black Marinace

Black Marinace Worktops is an exceptionally novel decision for somebody needing something else. It is a blend of dark dim and white stones set into a dark foundation. Black Marinace gives a stunning impact to any kitchen and will quite often incite a response. It is such an abnormal structure, that individuals frequently think that it’s difficult to trust it is regular.

Black Marinace Worktops is mined in Brazil where numerous one of kind stones starts. If it’s not too much trouble investigate the various kinds of dark Granite worktops accessible to see on our site or get in touch with us today to talk about your stone worktop necessities.

Our Black Marinace Worktops are just of the highest caliber and grade. On the off chance that you really need something intriguing and extraordinary, at that point, you ought to consider Black Marinace as your stone worktop decision. It would be ideal if you peruse through our site for more thoughts or get in touch with us today for tests.

Blue Pearl GT Worktops


Blue Pearl GT granite is in a flash perceived for its excellent pearlescent impact. It is set against a dull blue foundation with flashing lighter blue light reflecting gems. Blue Pearl GT is the most restrictive kind of Blue Pearl because of the area where it is quarried. It is an extremely rich sort of stone that will supplement your kitchen a lot.

Blue Pearl GT is quarried in Norway. Like each granite, it can change in shading from piece to piece. Blue Pearl GT is one of the most brilliant and bluest kinds of Blue Pearl accessible. It would be ideal if you investigate the various sorts of bluestone worktops accessible to see on our site or get in touch with us today to examine your Granite worktop necessities.

Each Blue Pearl GT granite kitchen worktops that we supply and fit is of unparalleled quality. Blue Pearl GT can have a cleaned completion or can be sharpened for a level matte completion. If it’s not too much trouble reach us to view tests and for more data.

Black Forest Granite Worktops

Black Forest Granite Worktops

Black Forest Granite has one of the most alluring qualities individuals search for in normal stone, with the most wonderful veins of solidified minerals in striking white interruptions.

The stone extends from amazingly unobtrusive lines to broadly detectable, among numerous other astounding angles in this elegance. Its appeal and style will look amazing in some random space and its use goes on for quite a long time.

Black Forest Granite is quarried in India and it is a magmatic shake that is made out of quartz and feldspar among different minerals. It happens normally beneath the world’s surface more than a huge number of years bringing about an incredibly solid stone that has been utilized over numerous human advancements in the development of structures and landmarks and clearing. Most as of late, Granite has become the material of decision for private homes as it offers novel and extraordinary looks, solidness, quality and speculation incentive to any property in which it is applied. The absence of calcium in Granite guarantees the stone doesn’t engraving like marble when presented to corrosive present in lemons, oranges, and so forth

Chunk sizes will cover zones of between 5.5-meter square and 6.5 meters square, which guarantees enormous zones, for example, kitchen islands are introduced consistently.

Standard thicknesses for this White Dallas black are 20mm and 30mm and it comes in standard completes in cleaned, sharpened and uncommon request silk and shrubbery pounded which take into consideration numerous alternatives as far as both plan and style.

Stonewood Granite Worktops

Stonewood Granite Worktops

This Granite from Brazil can be portrayed as having a splash-color design. Basically yellow in shading, it includes plainly characterized round striations of caramel, golden, oak, and chocolate on a sandy tan foundation. The hues are regularly extremely emotional and fresh. Despite the fact that more toward the unbiased shading palette, the examples seem, by all accounts, to be extremely striking and anything other than unnoticeable.

While it’s an example that is not really fit everybody’s taste, some see the burled wood symbolism as perfect. Also, regardless of whether their response is one of charm or apathy, our clients can’t resist halting and looking at this convincing piece we have in plain view in our showroom.

In case you’re searching for a material that is especially exceptional, Stonewood Granite is it. Since its striations and veining are so sensational, you’ll never discover two sections that carbon copy. In spite of the fact that this is valid with Granite worktops, when all is said in done, the arrangements and examples of Stonewood are significantly increasingly unmistakable.

Believing that a unique regular surface like this may be exactly what your undertaking calls for? Visit our showrooms to see Stonewood Granite face to face. It’s one of the most extraordinary stones you’ll ever encounter!

Giallo Veneziano Granite Worktops

Giallo Veneziano

Giallo Veneziano Granite is a characteristic stone that initially discovered Brazil and quarried in the locales of Mantena, Minas Gerais and Zona di Pipinuque, Corrego de Agua Preta, Nova Venecia, Espirito Santo from where it is sent out to the UK and Europe.

It exhibits a fragile beige foundation including traces of ochre minerals and medium measured grains in darker grayish spots, framing a reliable example that offers unmatched characteristic excellence and solidarity to inside and outside structural regions the same.

Giallo Veneziano is a very adaptable material that is accessible in various completes the process of including sharpened cleaned, Anticato and shrub pounded that empowers various looks fitting pertinent plan conditions.

Giallo Veneziano Granite is appropriate for use in kitchens, dividers and floor materials. It requires little upkeep while giving complex looks in both inside and outside applications that require a normal stone that offers a refined appearance with unfathomable presentation attributes and quality.

Granite is a perfect stone to work with, offering the probability of having consistent pieces crosswise over enormous surfaces, for example, kitchen worktops, bar counters, restrooms, cladding, and islands.

Colonial Ivory Granite Worktops

Colonial Ivory Granite Worktops

Colonial White has just been a huge player in the British advertises since Kashmir White turned out to be so difficult to acquire, however it has doubtlessly left its imprint. Less direct than the Kashmir, and far less so than River White, the delicate dim and marginally smooth tones have been gigantically well known with clients who need a genuine light-hued regular stone for their rock kitchen worktops.

Colonial White is a dominatingly white granulite from Northern India. Likewise, with other Indian transformative stones of this sort, there are intermittent (now and again visit) dark bits and groups, and ruddy garnet spots. Not at all like other Indian granulites, is the stone far less direct in design, having a genuinely riotous brilliant white cotton-fleece foundation.

Colonial White looks staggering on white and light dim units and is especially on pattern with the design for a light and splendid kitchens that hold regard for normal materials.

Arctic Cream Granite Worktops


As providers of just the best top-notch rock worktops, the Arctic Cream Granite Worktops is no special case. Furnishing premium quality and style with its particular finished example, this white-based worktop is ideal for the two washrooms and kitchens. Be that as it may, in spite of its discernibly finished appearance, this worktop flaunts a flawlessly smooth completion and gives no test to keep perfectly spotless. What’s more, with the rock painstakingly cleaned in the wake of cutting, the Arctic Cream comes went with unpretentious sparkle for an in a split second rich yet contemporary look. A genuinely striking choice without seeming ostentatious or overpowering, this stone worktop will supplement your home for quite a long time to come.

If You Want these Granite Worktops at Cheap Price for Kitchen Design Contact on (+44)203-290-8427 and order the Granite Worktops.

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